William A. Berry

A Journey to the Arctic - Giant


"Here once lived the giant Inusuk, who used to catch salmon down in a great ravine at the head of Pelly Bay. Sometimes he hunted seal by wading out into the sea and killing them with a stick. Before he waded out into the sea and made it rise, though, he moved all the people living by the low shores up on the highest islands.

Inusuk was so eager when he hunted that once he slipped and fell. When his giant body fell into the water, it made a great wave wash over the land. This wave washed schools of small fish on shore. There were sea scorpions, codfish, flounders, and all the animals of the sea. When the wave dropped back again, the fish remained on the land and in time turned to stone. These are the fossils lying about everywhere."

Illustration: page 9