William A. Berry
12 Oct. 1992
Dear Professor Berry,
May I say how happy I was to get your letter of 1st Oct, & how grateful I am for your generosity?  My publisher was unable to trace you, to get your permission, (or so I believe,) & I am immensely relieved that you do not mind being quoted!
It so happens that I talked about your visit to London to a colleague only a few days ago.  I hope I remember correctly that you and your wife had been studying the 1451 [sic] of Piero della Francesca’s De Prospectiva Pingendi even using a computer to check his results.  What has happened to this study?  As you know, this one of those anniversary years, when everybody is supposed to have opinions about Piero, but I feel a systematic account of his scientific work is still lacking.  Please let me know how the matter stands!
I hope it may amuse you to hear that I received an hon. Doctorate at the University of Urbino last June.
Any chance of your coming to London?
I was happy that your splendid book is to be reprinted.
With best regards also to Mrs. Berry
Yours very sincerely.
EH  Gombrich